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One of the promising areas of MKC Group of Companies work is the construction of floating power stations turnkey. These mobile facilities combine our long-term experience in the field of decentralized power generation and the most advanced marine technologies. Floating power stations are designed by MKC specialists on the basis of proven components and system solutions. Power stations are built at the lowest cost and in the shortest time on the company's production sites. By the time of towing to the destination, it is fully operational and ready to ensure smooth operation even in the most remote places and in the most difficult climatic conditions: as with extreme minus temperatures (the Far East, the Arctic), and with extremely high temperatures (the islands of Indonesia, Africa, etc.).




About technology

Floating power stations produced by MKC Group of Companies are designed on the basis of gas genset engines that run on liquefied natural gas (with the possibility of LNG delivery from the coastal territory). In addition, it is possible to easily increase the power station capacity by installing additional modules in parallel. The availability of such options as "steam production", "combined cycle" and "water desalination" allows to get additional economic benefits. Our turnkey complete solutions include preparation of floating power station installation site infrastructure, operation and maintenance according to the customer’s needs. The short duration of the project guarantees a quick return on investment.

Advantages of floating power stations:

Provide fast power supply for territories with limited infrastructure (power supply via 10 kV cable lines without transformation up to 10 km deep into the territory)
Mobile objects capable of moving
Do not require a large area
Not dependent on soil quality
Provide reliable power supply in case of earthquakes and floods
Give the opportunity to make a profit by selling the generated energy

Environmental standards

Floating power stations by MKC are environmentally friendly facilities. Power stations have settings that help reduce NOX and SOX emissions, if necessary. This allows to meet the most stringent international environmental standards. Fast starts, downtime and load acceptance allow for rapid changes in load according to a given schedule. The high flexibility of MKC floating power stations is also ensured by its mobility: location is no longer a fixed parameter.

Advantages of MKC floating power stations:

High mobility
Short construction period
Robust construction and reliable technology
Optimum settings for different loads
Compliance with the strictest environmental standards
Water conservation
Comprehensive technical and operational maintenance
IRR projects more than 25%