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Own production capacities

MKC Group of Companies manufactures over 20 types of auxiliary power generating equipment and modules at its own production sites, including those of non-standard dimensions. This allows construction of facilities in accordance with individual design solutions corresponding to any requirements of the Customer. 


20 types

of output


Our advantages:

Over 20 types of ready to use products
Over 4000 sq. meters of production capacities
Modern and efficient equipment
Up-to-date diagnostic equipment and tools
Highly skilled team of specialists
Only certified components by the leading producers

We manufacture:

Cooling Modules

MKC Group of Companies’ specialists have professional competences required for manufacturing different types of cooling modules inside the power stations buildings. Our products correspond all the industry standards, which has been proved by certificates and licenses for performing all types of works.

Heatmechanical Modules

Personnel of MKC Group of Companies is capable of solving the issues related to manufacturing of heatmechanical modules of any degree of complexity. Our employees undergo trainings which allows implementation of complicated technical solutions, speed up and improve quality of the products.

Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software System

MKC Group of Companies carries out research and development activity in the field of Microgrid and has created technological capabilities for launch of an artificial intelligence hardware and software system.