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Modular small-scale methanol production plant

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One of the promising areas of MKC Group of Companies work is the implementation of projects for the construction of low-tonnage plants for the production of methanol from natural or associated petroleum gas. These compact mobile facilities, located directly near shale oil and gas fields, enable the customer not only to gain additional competitive advantages by obtaining new products, but also to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment by reducing the volume of hydrocarbon flaring.

When implementing projects for the construction of low-tonnage methanol plants, MKC Group of Companies performs all works "turnkey": from engineering surveys, design, equipment supply to construction, installation, facility commissioning and handover into operation. The project is implemented by the technology of block-modular construction. The entire complex is located in two standard 20-foot containers, excluding finished products storage. This makes it easy to move the object between fields with minimal commissioning period.

The main advantages of these projects performed by MKC:

  • Methanol is a high-demand product in petrochemistry for polypropylene production, for which there is a steady growing global demand
  • Methanol is used for gas extraction and transportation
  • The cost of methanol production is 100-120 dollars per ton, sale price is 300-500 dollars per ton
  • Fast production and commissioning time
  • There are technologies, own production, engineering, 
  • IRP projects service more than 30%